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What are domain name extensions?

Dot com is clearly the most well known and popular global Top Level Domain (gTLD). At the time of writing, there were around 110 million .com domains already registered which means that the domain name you want is already 'taken' and if its for sale, it will be expensive to buy.

In 2001 and 2002, ICANN introduced new gTLDs, .info, .biz, .name and .pro to take the pressure off .com, .net and .org. At the time of writing,this is how the top five gTLDs compared in terms of number of domains registered:

  • com 110.4 million
  • net 15.1 million
  • org 10.3 million
  • info 6.3 million
  • biz 2.4 million

(Subject to change. Data from Daily Changes)

In the same way that .org was originally intended to designate 'organisation' but has since also become a popular space for a wide range of uses, info is ideally suited to information and special interest websites while .biz designates 'business', however both domain spaces are used for a wide range of websites including company, business and organisation websites, and of course for personal websites and blogs.

Since then of course, ICANN has released many more new gTLDs, usually specific to an area of interest. There are also hundreds of country code TLDs (ccTLDs), eg: (United Kingdom).

How are domain names used?

Apart from serving as a primary internet identity and website address, domain names are also used to attract search engine traffic based on the keywords in the domain name. For example, if you are paying Google Adwords a dollar amount per click for a search term, owning and developing a website at a domain name containing the same search term may result in additional search engine traffic which may reduce your investment in pay per click advertising.

Domain names are also used for personal blogs, family name websites, special interest websites, business and company websites or to support or augment a domain name or website in another extension.

Memorability is everything, and with all the good domains taken long ago, creative use of the domain name space has now become commonplace. For example (using the .us extension). As another example, would make an excellent domain name for a website providing information about cars, despite that the .biz extension normally lends itself more to business use.

How are domain names valued?

Domain names and websites are the internet version of real estate. Good quality domains appreciate in value over time. The value of an undeveloped domain name (without an existing website) depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Memorability (the domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce)
  • Length (number of characters) and any prestige or 'wow factor'
  • Hyphens or numerals, pronounciation, spelling, accents, etc (ideally there is only one way to spell the domain)
  • Extension (eg: com, net, org, info, biz) - .info are the 4th and 5th most popular gTLDs respectively
  • Suitability of the extension to the keywords in the domain name (info domains are ideal for websites providing information about the keywords, eg: special interest websites)
  • Number of other domain name extensions already registered with the same keywords (an indication of the demand for the term as a domain name)
  • Average 'cost per click' (CPC) for the keywords in the domain name (an indication of the monetisation potential)
  • Average monthly search volume for the keywords in the domain name (another indication of monetisation potential via the potential for search traffic)
  • Existing traffic (if any), eg: average monthly unique visits from search, type in, backlinks, etc (most domain names without websites will have little or no traffic yet)
  • Previous sales of similar domains in the same extension or similar keywords in different extensions can be useful in valuing a domain name

For actual sales figures, you can query the Domain Tools Sales History database. Please note that many sales are kept private or go unreported. We have prepared some queries for recent sales in the popular extensions for you:

How to get a third party appraisal of the value of a domain name:

Be wary of automated services claiming to be able to acurately appraise the value of a domain name. Only a real human with considerable experience in the domain name space can provide a reliable appraisal, however automated services can be very useful for assessing the potential value of a domain name relating to it's metrics, and for comparing domain names in the same or similar extension. If you need a third party opinion, you can order a 'personalized' domain name appraisal at Sedo or Afternic, two large domain marketplaces. However, please be aware that we always rely entirely on our own appraisal of a domain name's value.

Featured premium domains:

Showcase premium domain research example:

Featured acronyms:

Three letter acronyms are very popular on the internet. In most cases the letters represent the first letter of each of three words of a company, business or organisation name, but sometimes are also pronounceable or a three letter word in themselves, increasing the value of the domain substantially.

Another factor influencing the value of acronym domains is the frequency in common use of the letters as initial letters, eg: 's' is the most common initial letter in English. However this does not always hold true in arriving at a valuation since the words in business, company and organisation names may not reflect common usage, and there may be other reasons why an acronym is particularly appealing.

Herre are some of our premium three letter domains:

Featured global financial brand domain sets:



Please note that each of these global brand sets will be sold as a package. For example, the price of will include the other peerbank domains in the set.

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If not in development, a domain name may be available for purchase. We specialise in premium generic keyword domains, carefully selected and purchased in previous years (many as far back as the initial release of .info and .biz gTLDs in 2000 or 2001) for their development potential, representing a rare opportunity for you to obtain a prestigious domain name that would otherwise be unavailable.

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